NOW OFFERING LOCAL DELIVERY! Orders can be picked up locally in Cary, NC (7 days a week), North Raleigh on Thursday mornings, shipped across the US, or you may purchase from one of our listed retailers.



The jars of syrup and gummies need to stay in the refrigerator whether they are opened or not. Refrigerating prolongs the life of the syrup for 3 months and gummies 3-4 weeks. I am not responsible for jars not properly stored.

NO REFUNDS will be issued. If a problem arises because of my negligence, we can discuss remediation.


When you purchase an item from The Elderberry Lady, please contact the number on your order confirmation email to arrange a date and time to pick up. Once this is agreed upon, I will put your bag on the shelf on the front porch by 9am (if you've chosen the Cary location). I am not responsible for bags not picked up on your designated day. They will remain on the shelf overnight and through the next day(s) until picked up. This may result in the syrup turning rancid if left out during warm months or the brown paper bag becoming compromised if left out during wet/damp or humid days. I will not use plastic bags.


I make every effort to protect jars with bubble wrap and proper packaging. There is $100 worth of insurance included with your shipping purchase. If your jars arrive broken, take photo documentation and fill out the claim form on the USPS website here. USPS will issue you a check.  


To receive the 5% discount for the S&S program, you must stay enrolled for at least 2 orders. After this time you may cancel your subscription. Simply log in to your account and choose "cancel subscription."