Shop online for local pick up located in Garner, NC or a new location in Cary, NC. Shipment across the US is always available. You can also visit one of our many retailers listed.


What kind of ingredients do you use?
  •       The syrup consists of all organic ingredients except for the honey, which is raw. We use water filtered through a stainless steel Berkey Water Filter system (check them out here The syrup is cooked in stainless steel and is stored in glass jars. No plastic here!
  • Where are you located?
  •      There are 2 pickup locations in NC - Cary (455 Swiftside Dr.—Mon - Thur 9-1 and 3-6) and Garner (541 Hillcrest Dr. 24/7). We also ship and deliver. Shipping fees depend on your location and how many jars you are purchasing.
  • Is it safe for my kids?
  •      Children over the age of 1 can take the honey sweetened version. We offer an unsweetened version for those 6 months - 1 year.
  • Do you do custom orders to remove ingredients?
  •      Yes! We will try my best to honor requests. Making a special batch will require you to buy at least 24oz depending on which ingredients you ask to remove. We do not add any special ingredients.
  • What can elderberry syrup do for me?
  •      Click here for a great article explaining all of the benefits of the powerful elderberry. Also, click here to read the original owner’s personal testimony of how it helped their family through the flu.
  • How often do you take it?
  •      Our family takes it daily as a preventative. The preventative dose can also be doubled and taken every few hours acutely if you know you’ve been exposed to sickness or if you feel something starting. Dosing instructions are on the label on the jar.