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About the owner

I’m Rita…or Nana if you ask my granddaughter 😉 and I just bought a house in Garner, NC!
I am a wife, mom, mother-in-law, and Nana.
I have been a fitness and health nut most of my life. My belief is to keep moving along with taking a natural and holistic approach to keeping my body healthy.
As a Personal Trainer, Parkinson’s Personal Trainer, and certified in Sports Nutrition, my son-in-law and daughter who have been loyal customers of The Elderberry Lady since 2017, thought I would be a great fit for Kristyn & Jason’s desire to keep this company alive.
Am I a little nervous? Absolutely! 
Do I expect there to be a few bumps in the beginning as we learn? Yes to that too. 
Am I excited for this new adventure? 110%! 
My focus for The Elderberry Lady is to continue stewarding the same exceptional experience and product that Kristyn & Jason provided over the years. I hope that you will hold me to the same quality standards that you have always expected of The Elderberry Lady BUT I ask that you extend me a little grace as I roll up my sleeves and work to figure out how to fit the operations into my current rhythm of life. It’s like the first day of school, trying to figure out what goes in what folder, do I really need this textbook, is that teacher as hard as they say she is….how did I get a scuff on my sneakers already?! Stepping into the operations of an existing business will be no different. I hope you stick with me as I embark on this next chapter of The Elderberry Lady.

I, as well as many of you, am extremely thankful to Kristyn for making her elderberry syrup a decade ago when her young daughter caught the flu. She created a holistic approach to help her daughter and to her surprise, many others!  I believe in this approach which inspires me to continue while her life with her children has gotten busy.

We will continue to produce the syrup in a commercial kitchen which is inspected by the Department of Agriculture and use the highest quality ingredients. 

I am so thankful that you all have chosen to support a local small business, run by someone who loves to serve and that you continue to refer this new owner to your friends.

Don't ever hesitate to contact me with questions!